Your 2016 Ryerson Engineering Competition Team


Andrew Maclean-Bowman


Hi there! I am Andrew, I will be one of your Co-Chairs this year for REC! I look forward to seeing you all there.


Dave Alcivar


Hey! My name is Dave and I am in my fourth year of Aerospace Engineering. I’ve been involved with the Ryerson Engineering Student Society since second year. This year I am pleased to work along Andrew as your REC 2016 Co-Chairs. We hope that you get something valuable out of this event!


Sabrina Ciardullo

VP Logistics

My name is Sabrina Ciardullo, and I am a second year Biomedical Engineering student. I am this year’s VP Logistics, and have worked alongside the rest of the REC team to plan this year’s event. Also, I am a First Year Ambassador for the First Year Engineering Office. I look forward to seeing you all there!


Tavia Bakowski

Volunteer Coordinator

Hi! I am a Creative industries student with a passion and proven aptitude for engaging and inspiring audiences through user experience. I am happy to be this year’s REC Volunteer Coordinator. Some other facts about me: I have highly developed skills in social media and print marketing, visual design, photography and photo-editing. I’m excellent when it comes to multitasking and I’m also adept at assessing complex situations and coming up with creative solutions.


Matthew Smith

VP Communications

Hi! My name is Matthew and I’m incredibly excited to be this year’s VP Communications for REC. I’m a “4th” year computer engineering student, and in the past I’ve worked on RESS as the VP Communications, Corporate Relations Committee, and on FYIC 2016 as Delegate Relations. I can’t wait to see you all at REC!


Brotee Das Datta

VP Awards

Hey guys! My name is Brotee and I will be the VP Awards for REC this year. I am in my third year of Civil Engineering. I like kittens, CEN 100 and free food!


Rogger Guzman

Co-VP Competitions

I am a fourth year electrical engineering student. Interested in digital image processing, amusement park attractions, factors in engineering, transportation. I am VP competitions along with Dan.


Daniel McCammon

Co-VP Competitions

I am currently completing my 4th year of aerospace engineering. I am interested in programming, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and space systems. Working with Rogger, the other VP Competitions, and the rest of the team, I am excited to bring a fresh year of competitions, including the new Re-Engineering competition!


Jose Laredo

VP Corporate